Quit Smoking On This New Year

If you have a bad effect of smoking, then you have surely heard pleas from friends and family to quit. As you simply know that, smoking is the main cause of heart disease, stroke, cancer and other killers more likely. Thereby, bad effects of smoking can lead you to the way of death. Some of them are:

1. Dying faster: Male and female smokers both of them lose an average life of 13.2 and 14.5 years of life, respectively. Each cigarette which is consumed is estimated to shorten the life span by an average of about 11-13 minutes.

2. Cancer: The primary risk of consuming cigarette and tobacco includes diverse forms of cancer, especially lung cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, cancers of the adrenal canal, gallbladder, the small intestine and several childhood cancers.

3. Cardiovascular disease: One of the bad effects of smoking can cause atherosclerosis which might lead to coronary artery disease and peripheral arterial disease. Inhalation of cigarette smoke and tobacco smoke causes diverse immediate reactions from the heart and blood vessels. Carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke exerts its bad effects by reducing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Both of these conditions can become permanent with prolonged use of cigarettes. Smoking also increases the chance of heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, and peripheral vascular disease. Several ingredients of tobacco lead to the narrowing of blood vessels, increasing the likelihood of a blockage, and thus resulting into a heart attack or stroke.

4. The effect of cigarette smoking upon epidemic influenza was studied prospectively among 1,811 male college students. Clinical influenza incidence among those who daily smoked 21 or more cigarettes was 21% higher than that of non-smokers. Influenza incidence among smokers of 1 to 20 cigarettes daily was intermediate between non-smokers and heavy cigarette smokers.


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